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A Bigger View is a joint initiative of a global network of IT and business professionals and Innovative Systems Group (ISG). ISG has served companies of all sizes throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the United States since 1995.  

With the rise of global conferencing, there are no longer limitations to bringing together teams of the most talented professionals world wide: and that is precisely our goal.

A Bigger View sets pace to include all the latest trends, such as Netsuite and cloud based technologies, in conjunction with grounded, tried and true methodologies that lead to successful system implementations, management, restructuring, expanding, merging and selling of businesses.  

When you become part of our group, you get the benefit of our dedicated network of professionals, who bring decades of experience, wisdom, creativity and leadership to everything we do. Experts include Cloud Technology specialists, C level experienced professionals, CPAs, lawyers, IT implementation specialists, technology partners and negotiators.  Industries including manufacturing, brokerage, banking, health care, pharmaceutical and investing firms.  

Most recent projects include major ERP implementations, Kaizen, Lean, management buy-outs, post-acquisition integration, reorganizations, startups, managing overseas subsidiaries, crisis management, repositioning, profit improvement and turnaround.  We can provide interim leadership including C Level positions and directors.


We look forward to joining forces with your talented team and work together to realize the opportunities that await us.


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