WhY Move to the Cloud?

Before cloud computing, corporations had expensive, custom systems maintained by an army of IT professions. For small, mid-size or rapidly growing companies the cost of IT would limit your ability to grow. The cloud changed this paradigm. Now, with shared data resources and software as a service (SAAS), you can outsource IT to a development team made up of the best professionals from around the world. The Cloud took away barriers, allowing you to scale up as you grow, and take advantage of best of breed developments worldwide.  

ERP systems give you a single, consolidated view of your business. Cloud ERP takes ERP to a new level, allowing every company, regardless of size or geographical location, to take advantage of best of breed systems and development teams.  


Current Netsuite Customers 

If you are one of the many current Netsuite customers who is looking for support, which is often be due to a change in business processes, recent growth, acquisitions or just the simple knowledge that you are not using your system to the fullest, we can help. We start by analyzing your current business and future goals. What is your current system usage, KPIs, and business intelligence? What is the path forward with targeted new structures and/or ecosystem add-ons? Productivity and profitability can increase dramatically with small adjustments to any current system. 

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Upgrading From FIFO To Standard Costing To Allow For Robust Variance Reporting

  • Implementation Of WIP/Routing To Track Labor Costs For Assemblies

  • Adding Netsuite Advance Manufacturing To Allow For Near Real Time Inventory, Capacity Planning And Finite Scheduling

  • WMS Implementation Including Scanning Technologies

  • Implementing Robust Forward & Backward Lot Traceability

  • Creation Of Corporate Library Of Best Reports, Searches And Menus (See Articles/Netsuite)


Choosing Wisely - which ERP?  

If you have not yet closed an ERP solution, we can help. Different ERP systems can be more suited to a specific business, industry, vertical or horizontal. A Bigger View assists in analyzing your key requirements and evaluate ERP solutions if you have not yet chosen one. Getting the structures and deployment correct within your chosen ERP system is also essential in avoiding costly rework later.  We assist in making sure the right questions are being asked and analyzed.

We then look into the Ecosystem and assist in the selection of specialized value-added applications and development teams to further enhance your current state and roadmap to the future. 

 Netsuite is one of many ERP solutions and has a specific flavor requiring specific approaches. If Netsuite is your choice, we employ specific methodologies to analyze your needs and match it to an optimal Netsuite deployment.