Business Quick Scan

Ready to embrace the future but not sure of the best way to get there? Let us help with your foundation and free yourself to do what you do best! Whether you are undertaking a new systems implementation, looking to leverage your existing infrastructure more efficiently, moving into new markets, or expanding your business reach we are here to help. With a Quick Scan of your business we can help you decide where to go from here.



Based on this Quick Scan of your business and IT systems, we can create a step by step plan for your organization to move forward in a structured way. We utilize the best of what you have already developed and complement it with cost restructuring, effectiveness, kaizen, bottleneck management, introduction of key performance indicators and technology. This will allow you to have insight into what is most needed to move forward. We also offer interim management to help your organization focus on the key issue, restoring the value of your business in the shortest possible time.


Buy & Sell

If you plan to acquire a new company, merge with an existing company, or are preparing to sell your business we can make a valuation of your company, assist in negotiations, and guide you through the complex process from information memorandum, to non-binding LOI, to a successful sale, and purchase agreement. We work with private equity firms and strategic buyers depending on what is best for your company.



We have extensive business and negotiations experience in the USA, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and Australia and can help you move into new international markets. We can help you to start a subsidiary abroad, buy an existing business abroad, or even build a factory.  We are also unique in our specialization in the states of California and New Mexico.



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