IT Quick Scan

Ready to embrace the future with technology as your partner, but not sure of the best way to move forward? Or, have you already invested in IT but know that you are under utilizing this valuable asset? We can help. If you are undertaking a new systems implementation, we get past the jargon filled rhetoric to find the best solution for your specific business needs. If you already have a system in place, we will look at how to better utilize and consolidate your business information. With a Quick Scan of your IT systems, we create a step by step plan for your organization to move forward in a structured way to get the best out of what technology has to offer.


IT Quick Scan Examples

  • Choosing The Best Fit And Right Level Of Technology For Your Business

  • Definition & Tracking Of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Better Utilization Of All Existing Systems To Gather Key Performance Measures

  • IT Vendor Selection And Implementation Management

  • Expansion Of Systems To New Domestic & International Markets

  • ERP & Database Design & Administration



Businesses often find themselves in a situation where they have great information that is held hostage by technology systems. Perhaps the system was put in a number of years ago and was perfect until your business grew far beyond that point. Or you have the latest, greatest technology but no one knows what to do with it. These are some of our favorite areas to work in, because small tweaks will lead to a waterfall of profitability and productivity. The IT Quick Scan and implementation map is our roadmap to your business success.


Good information = good decision making

Studies show a clear increase in productivity when people knowing that performance data is being gathered and their daily activities matter. Further, decision making accelerates when clarity and facts provide A Bigger View on overall business operations. If you have an existing ERP implementation but struggle to get information you need or are underutilizing capacities, we can help. We restructure existing systems, providing new reports and data views, to quickly pull critical business KPIs into real time information for you. We implement new modules and evaluate the Cloud & Netsuite Ecosystem Solutions for add-on apps that provide rapid productivity improvements. We make clear links between your data and the reporting of your KPIs. We look at the human component of your organization and make sure your systems are delivering what is most needed.


Cloud Computing, Netsuite, & ERP

Cloud computing is an exciting new development for companies of all sizes as it allows companies to outsource their IT to the Cloud. We are specialists in Cloud Based ERP systems as well as the complex Ecosystem that surrounds it. Netsuite, the fastest growing cloud based ERP system, is a further specialty. To learn more about gaining A Bigger View through the cloud, please visit our Cloud ERP Page.



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