time for a Bigger view!

Where are you today and what are the next most important steps your business needs to take?  Gather critical KPIs, restructure, move to cloud computing, better align IT systems to business processes, implement kaizen, sell, merge? A Quick Scan is the best way to rapidly assess your most impactful strategy. We provide Business and IT Quick Scans that are comprehensive yet streamlined to provide immediate insights with action plans to move forward.


Business quick Scan

We review all aspects of your company, including financials, IT systems, human systems, manufacturing processes, sales effectiveness, forecasts, and budgeting to create a customized roadmap for you.  For example, we may decide to first restructure and then sell your company for the additional added value of a small time investment. Or we may leverage your existing infrastructure more efficiently, allowing you to move into new markets and expand your business reach. We utilize the best of what you have already developed and look for tailored value add. We help every step of the way from concept to Quick Scan, from negotiations to execution. The Business Quick Scan is a structured and customized approach to get you where you need to be.

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IT System Quick Scan

Are your IT systems in alignment and keeping pace with your business? Ready to move to the freedom of the cloud but not sure which ERP system is right for you? An IT Quick Scan provides insight into the current state of your systems with a overview of new technologies that can be leveraged. We look at how well IT systems support critical information gathering, business processes, productivity, and KPIs. Once the Quick Scan is complete, we provide a range of IT services that may include IT vendor management, RFQs, aligning reports to KPIs, redesigning systems to meet business processes, and full systems implementation. We are specialized in Netsuite and other cloud based ERP systems including manufacturing specializations.

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Combine services for the biggest view

Because business success and productivity are so dependent on good information and systems, most companies benefit the most from a combination of Business and IT Quick Scans. For example, the question of how best to support a business restructuring may point directly to an IT change. Or, if you want to move to the cloud, the choice of your SaaS partner should be aligned to your most critical business processes. You can get the best value and most comprehensive insights by bridging these two key areas with Business and IT Quick Scans.