Netsuite: Create A Corporate Library

By Shelly Gore


In every organization the need for fast and easy access to key data is paramount. 


Netsuite has a number of tools to help users quickly find data including: Alerts, Reminders, Shortcuts, Recent Records and robust Dashboard Configurations.   This article explores a powerful method, which is not out-of-the-box, but simple to implement, and the single most requested feature of my new clients.  


Below are the instructions on how to create a robust library, indexed by corporate business area, where departments publish their best reports.  Since everyone in your organization can reference this departmental leading information, (permissions respective of course), the elusive goal of getting everyone in the organization on the same page now comes into focus.


Create a Netsuite "Library" (Center Tab), and "Bookshelves" (Center Categories):

  1. Customization / Center and Tabs / Center Tabs / New

  2. Fill in a value for Label. In the example illustrated in this article, I used ‘Alert’. 'Info' is most common

  3. Select: Center = ALL

  4. Add Center Categories: These are the 'book shelves' that house the reports/searches/links for each subject area. Departments are a good segmentation such as: Accounting, Purchasing, Production, Inventory.


Create "Reference Materials" to fill your "Bookshelves" with cataloged information: 

  1. Customization / Center and Tabs / Center Categories

  2. Select Edit on the Center Category ("Bookshelf") you created

  3. Select a search, report, link, Netsuite menu option, etc.

  4. Save!

  5. Enjoy clicking your way to the new information in this Center Category!


HOT TIP:   When adding new Center Categories to your Center Tab: Do not go to Customization / Centers & Tabs / Center Categories  Netsuite will ask that you select a given Center Type and will not allow you to select 'ALL' as you did above.  Instead go to:

  1. Customization / Centers & Tabs / Center Tabs

  2. Click Edit next to your Center Tab (Library)

  3. Add additional Center Categories (bookshelves) and reorder them alphabetically.

  4. Edit next to the Center Category name to add Links (books)


Reference the image published with this article for a sample library.  Now sit back and watch as the flood of top notch reference materials pours in!



Shelly Gore